Fireman, Northern Railway CHAMAN LAL

Ashoka Chakra

Award / Date of Action Ashoka Chakra (Posthumous) , 26-01-1965
Service Civilian
Service Number Railway
Rank Fireman, Northern Railway
Unit/Regiments/Corps N/A
Son Of Gurdas Mal
Mother's Name N/A
Resident Of (Village/District/State/Domicile) Habit Pindi, Gurdaspur, Punjab
War/Operation/Battle 1965 Indo-Pak War
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  1. Railwaymen proved their mettle. Sainik Samachar (14 November 1965, Vol: XII)
  2. The Monsoon War: Young Officers Reminisce. Capt Amrinder Singh and Lt Gen Tajinder Shergill (2015). Roli Books, New Delhi
  3. The Indian-Pakistan War of 1965: A History. S.N. Prasad. U.P. Thapliyal (2011). Natraj Publishers and Ministry of Defence, Government of India
Records Not Found


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